In a country without impactful, enforceable animal welfare regulations, Romanian dogs are routinely abused and mistreated. Dogs are seen by all too many as vermin, soulless pests who should be treated without respect, empathy or compassion.

Public pounds are full to bursting with dogs that have experienced severe injury, abuse and trauma. The conditions in the majority of these institutions are hellish – diseased, overcrowded and sickeningly dirty – and thousands of dogs have no brighter future to look forward to than one behind bars, trapped in a stinking cage, constantly fearful for their safety and never able to relax.

The alternative is a life on the streets. Hundreds of thousands of dogs roam the streets and countryside of Romania, facing gruelling weather and a stark lack of food. Survival is a daily challenge, one that only the lucky few manage to achieve. Hundred upon hundreds of puppies are born into this lifestyle on a daily basis, condemned to a life of struggle before they’ve even opened their eyes.



We work with local partners in Romania who go into public shelters and assess which dogs can be saved or need urgent care. We come together to pay the release fees for these dogs so the dogs can be free and shelter with Romanian fosters where their health and temperament are further assessed.
When an assessment has indicated a dog is ready for travel our partners prepare the dogs ready to be transported to us here in the UK. Once our rescues arrive to our shelter they are loved, safe, warm and fed from the moment they arrive. We work closely with them to get them prepared and ready for adoption. Once we feel as if they are ready we then find suitable UK-based homes by advertising our rescue dogs to prospective UK adopters. We vet each fosterer and adopter’s home to ensure the home they can provide is a match with a suitable dog.